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Epagneul Breton

One of our recent pups

We spend life studying pedigree, genetics, breed standards and learning both from those who breed our race and from those who breed other breeds.

We only have a litter for ourselves to look for a pup to keep , but we raise every pup ,in every litter and spend the same time looking to match puppies with the best masters, those who love them forever.

We try to give this planet animals that are in perfect physical and mental health, and at the same time stunning specimens of their breed.

We help every new owner of our little ones and these people know they're part of our family. We share their deep pain when these leave us. We are always present and available to welcome those who come back. We keep them in the arms when they come to this world and when they leave it.

We share our knowledge and socialize our dogs so that they can be a proof of the passion we put.

 The price we ask for our puppies is never a profit, but we do price well below what others may ask and yet feel our lines are second to none.   And at the end of every year we know that our economic account will be negative, because we have spent for our puppies much more than we have earned and many years may not even produce a litter because we don't feel that the genetics are as perfect as we can make them

We like to learn from and help others.  If we don't help each other, we'll all end up polluting a breed who dates back over 100 years and that was perfected to be a pointer of game and a member of a family.


We like to shoot fine guns that give respect to the sport we are shooting or the animals we are pursuing and often will change guns because we cant afford to keep them all as fine as they might be.   

Dogs and shotguns have a spirt of their owner, breeder or creator and we hope you enjoy them as much ass we do

Owner and Dog happinesss go hand in glove

This is what we look for in body structure because this size and shape has proven to be the best.

 The more you know about the breed and the more interaction you have with your EB the better both of you will feel , whether you have one EB or several. 

Our dogs can do many things and that all begins when they are pups in training


Whether your pup will be a companion or also a hunting dog and breed example it helps to start with the best

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Why shoot a plain firearm or hunt with just any dog

Gene Nosco---Partner--- 30 years of   fine firearms and  great hunting companions  # 515 554 7208

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